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We offer you a new vision and an innovative perspective in the area of human resources, both for staff recruitment and for activities related to private organizations. Our human resources professionals in Quebec are specialized in staff recruitment in the areas of new technologies, communications, marketing strategies and in the business world, among others. Our reputation is mainly due to an effective methodology and strategies conceived to meet your needs and aspirations.


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We are looking forward to using all our experience to help you find the ideal job according to your needs and your situation.


Our headhunter resources can help you discover talents in several areas, such as new technologies, communication, marketing strategies and the business world. We can provide you with a full range of skills and a solid experience in these and many other areas.
We focus all our experience to help you find appropriately qualified staff who can add value to your business. Our research will consist of rigorous selection based on notions of motivation and value. We also take the following three points into account:

  • A good CV depends on a past professional experience, not on a current skill;
  • Strong experience is not necessarily synonymous with real skills in a certain area;
  • Job interview should not be based on a stereotyped question-answer type, but on a real interaction between the applicant and the recruiter.

We are at the top of the recruiting market in Quebec, our reputation is mainly based on an effective methodology and strategies that cut any subjectivity from the recruitment process of professionals. These strategies include a unique tool enabling us to detect and analyze information from potential candidates in an in-depth and detailed manner. It is a complex five-step process that leads to the selection of the best candidates:

  • The first step is to identify your needs and set up the criteria accordingly. It is a phase that requires the active participation of the client;
  • The second step consists of market research and the discovery of candidates who meet the criteria set up in the first step. This step takes shape in specific research strategies;
  • The third stage during which the client plays a crucial role, as it is the moment when he knows the finalists and compares his conclusions with the vision we have put forward. This comparison will precede the choice of the client;
  • The fourth step is to check the references provided by the successful applicant. References are not checked randomly, but according to well-defined criteria;
  • Finally, the activity and the performance of the applicant are not left to chance, because we are committed to checking the satisfaction of the customer after a limited period of time. To obtain exhaustive data, we follow up not only with the client, but also with the candidate, this approach will enable us to accurately measure the satisfaction rate on the basis of an evaluation including criteria such as motivation, know-how and adaptation of the candidate to the organizational culture.

Over time, we have been able to create an important network of contacts in the main high technology sectors such as:

  • Data transfers
  • E-commerce
  • The optical fiber
  • Graphics and 2D/3D animation
  • Telecommunications

We pride ourselves on our reputation and treat all applications with the utmost respect. Whether it is a system or network technician or administrator, a software or hardware designer, an executive or a vice-president, we know how to cater the needs emerging from research and development area.

We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, which in turns helps us to know them well and understand their professional vision; We are then able to consult them in their recruitment process in order to select wisely for them the candidates possessing the desired technical and psychological profile.

All of this demonstrates that we represent the strategic choice to build up your winning high-tech teams.